Is a leakage test necessary with this process?
A leakage test for process security is recommended

Can the sealing rings be touched with thehands during assembling?
Clean hands do not affect the sealing result

Is there a durability date for the use of sealing rings?

Are the products present in the IMDS data base?

Are the products ROHS conformal?

How are the sealing rings packed?
In a bag out of polyurethane

How is the packing of the sealing rings characterized?
VDA label

Which sealing cross sections can be sealed?
circular square and rectangular (with large differences between height and width of the cross section additionally the sealing ring should be pressed)

To which examinations were the connections submitted?
Temperature change test
                 100 cycles, -40°C for 60min, 120°C for 60min, delta T = 1k/min
Heat storage
                 T(ambient) = 120°C for 200 h
Temperature shock                 T(down) = -40°C, t(on the top) = 120°C, T(rearrangement) <10s,
                 period spent with T(down)/T(on the top) 30min, 100 cycles

Which material matching was used with the tests?
Plastic: PA66 GF30
Metal: CuSn6 tins

Are the close metal plastic connections in continuous tests to be validated?

Which IP requirements are attainable?
To IP 69 attainable. This is to be tested however over validating.